The open stock company “Mechanization department №12” is enterprise, specialized on hoisting machinery exploitation and renders services to construction enterprises on transportation and delivery of heavy-load building structures and machinery; it also renders services on maintenance and current repair of hoisting cranes, repair of  electric equipment of hoisting cranes.

At the present time there are in use of our organization: 68 mobile caterpillar cranes, 15 truck cranes, 2 hydraulic rams, 1 multipurpose wheel loader,  27 units of special freight transportation for the maintenance and repair.

The open stock company “Mechanization administration №12” have taken active part in construction of such industrial giants as Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ), Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ), “Naftan”, «Belarusian Autoworks» (BELAZ), «Mozyr Oil Refinery», BelarusKali, Byelorussian Steel Works (BMZ). With our participation there have been built such community constructions as Football manege, National library, many schools, hospitals, dwellings.

“Mechanization administration №12” offers clients large spectrum of hoisting machinery services. Our enterprise is equipped with machines of different tonnage:
— truck cranes (10 – 60 tonnes)
— hydraulic rams (0.25 tonnes)
— caterpillar cranes (25-100 tonnes)

Many years’ experience of hoisting machines’ exploitation enabled to curtail the terms of cranes relocation by 3-4 times. Efficiency in execution of order on crane delivery is powerful factor of our services’ competitiveness. “Mechanization administration №12” releases its clients from the route coordination procedure and receiving transit permission procedure. According to clients’ orders we perform changes of machinery freight parameters by providing fly jibs, extending or shortening jibs, installing cranes in tower or mast attachment. We also provide cranes with chairs to make possible the assembly and finishing works on top stages of tower blocks and buildings.
“Mechanization administration №12” also has technological transport for cranes relocation and renders services on heavy-weight (to 70 tonnes) and large-size machinery transportation, dangerous cargo transportation.

Other services, provided by our enterprise:
— Installation, adjustment and minor repair of safety devices of hoisting cranes of all types;
— Mobile cranes’ technical diagnostics concluding if further exploitation is possible;
— Electrotechnical laboratory services according to the accreditation domain;
— Cranes’ electric motors, generators and hydraulic tappets repair.

Many years’ experience of machinery exploitation and repair, efficiency in crane transportation, installation, removal and adjustment made good name to our organization on machinery services market not only in Belarus, but in several regions of Russian Federation. Due to particular specialization and high-qualified staff our services are competitive and needed. During its lifetime (more than 55 years) “Mechanization administration №12” keeps working profitably, paying salary and taxes in time, settling with suppliers.

Please contact us to get more information about our services: 8-017-397-96-09